This page will eventually have an explanation of how best to identify moths along with the principles of species identification generally. For now, it has two collages illustrating intraspecific variability in forewing markings.

Figure 1. Hypsopygia olinalis (Pyralidae: Pyralinae) photographed on a single night at a single site, 26 June 2022, on Block Island. View full size image.
Figure 2. Macrochilo orciferalis (Erebidae: Herminiinae) photographed on Block Island from 2020 to 2022, all but two at the Hunt property and all but two or three male. View full size image.
Figure 3. Four similar species of Acleris (Tortricidae: Tortricinae) photographed on Block Island. Top left, A. maculidorsana; top row, second from left, A. inana; remainder of first two columns, A. robinsoniana; entire third and fourth columns, A. flavivittana. View full size image.
Figure 4. 121 Euxoa detersa found on Block Island, nearly all at the Hunt property, a representative sample demonstrating the variation in maculation within the population. View full size image.

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