Acleris robinsoniana

620036.00 — 3536 — Acleris robinsoniana (Forbes, 1923) — Robinson's Acleris

Larval Host(s)

Presumed main host
on Block Island:

Known hosts:

Rosa, Populus


Polymorphic, with two distinct morphs occurring on Block Island; the morph shown in the last image has been recorded on Block Island only about half a dozen times. Each morph is more similar to one of the four locally-occurring morphs of A. flavivittana than to the other morph of the species. A. inana and A. maculidorsana are similar as well. Refer to the collage here to compare all eight morphs of these four species found on Block Island. Other similar polymorphic species not found on Block Island include A. hastiana and A. youngana.


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