Filatima cf. confusatella

421089.00 — 2139 — Filatima cf. confusatella Darlington, 1949
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Larval Host(s)

Presumed main host
on Block Island:

Known hosts:
Myrica pensylvanica (?)



The type series of this species were reared from sweetfern (Comptonia asplenifolia) in NJ. Sweetfern and bayberry (Myrica pensylvanica) are both in family Myricaceae, and the latter is the suspected host of this uncommon species on Block Island, though the caterpillar has not been found.


  • Species Page at Moth Photographers Group
  • Darlington, E.P., 1948 [1949]. Notes on some North American Lepidoptera reared on sweet fern (Comptonia asplenifolia Linnaeus) with description of new species. Transactions of the American Entomological Society, 74(3-4): 173-185; pl. 2, figs. 2.